LDR Worldwide uses best practices of adult learning to create custom solutions to help your employees achieve higher levels of behavioral competency and skill mastery, allowing your organization to meet your strategic business objectives. Programs can be delivered on site, online or on a blended environment across your global footprint. We have a proven methodology that works. At LDR Worldwide, we recognize that you have limited resources – both time and money, so if you are going to spend those resources, you need to get results.

We guarantee our work for return on investment. We are able to make that promise, because we understand both the science and art of learning. That science is all about the design, and art is all about the delivery. Our design is grounded in the adult learning theory, neuroscience and pedagogical methodology. Simply said, we know how to turn on the brain and create a learning experience that is applicable to the learners’ needs and is reinforced in the learner’s work. The art is about delivery; choosing the right modality for the learners to ensure that learning take place. It includes making sure that the instructor and content is the right match for you and your company culture. It is a combination of art and science that allows LDR Worldwide to stand behind our promise to help your company move forward toward fulfilling your strategic objectives. This is our guarantee for return on investment and our promise to you.