Effective coaching, which sometimes includes on-the-job-training, can also be an effective part of building employee competencies.  Supervisors and managers generally need to be trained in how to be effective in the coaching process.  Through a series of programs and feedback cycles, supervisor and manager coaching skills can be developed such that they can have a significant positive impact on the employees they manage.  LDR Worldwide can support the organization in developing the appropriate training and development model for effective coaching.


  • Uses questions and feedback to spur partner’s thinking.
  • Frequently delivered by line managers with their teams.
  • Addresses workplace performance.
  • A one-to-one process, tailored to the individual’s needs.
  • Can begin with a goal or aspiration.
  • Used for all partners: from seasoned, high achievers, to those new to the organization, or the job, to those having performance issues.


Executive Coaching

One-on-one, customized leadership development opportunities for senior executives. Training managers and supervisors to be a part of the employee development process helps organizations leverage their people and their collective wisdom.


Team Coaching

LDR’S exceptional team coaching program provides guidance, training & support for making teams as effective as possible. Impact is multiplied when organizations use Team Coaching to maximize the skills and talents of their employees.


Coaching Culture

Developing a coaching culture builds learning agility at all levels, giving organizations the necessary resiliency to face challenges that come along.


Integrated Culture

We present coaching and training as part of an overall development process and show how to integrate both into to other management process


Coaching Process


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