An organization’s ability to Learn and translate that learning into Action rapidly is the ultimate Competitive Advantage.

Jack Welch

former CEO, General Electric

All LDR Worldwide content focuses on application to ensure participants achieve skill mastery and behavior change, guaranteed.

If your training needs are in 1 location or 100 locations, we specialize in rolling out training across your national or global footprint, national or global. Our program deliveries are created to be scalable, replicable, and consistent, yet they are built to be flexible to your organizations unique needs.  Our courses can be delivered in multiple modalities and we work with you to identify the best approach for your development initiatives.

Professional Skills

LDR Worldwide is an industry leader that provides clients with a strategic and innovative approach to on-site professional skills training and development. 

Customized Training

LDR Worldwide work with our clients on contextualizing the content, delivering training through our wrap around learning model and ensuring application to create skill mastery and behavior change.

CDL Certification

LDR Worldwide can help address your truck driving needs by arranging training for your Employees specific to CDL.


LDR is a leader in professional development of full time, part time, and temporary/seasonal employees and have proudly supported stadium employee training for our clients.


LDR works with public sector leaders to create solutions to communication and training challenges of today. 

Microsoft Office

LDR and our partners have numerous experiences in providing Microsoft Office training, upgrade training, and national IT project management of the scope and scale required you’re your engagement.

Lean Six Sigma

LDR Worldwide offers continual Improvement leadership, Lean Six Sigma Concetpts, and Teamwork for successful Lean Six Sigma Projects training in all 50 states and 30 countries.

Online Training