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Case Studies

Global Middle Manager Development

Need: This U.S. based manufacturer and reseller of welding and cutting products has employees in 160 countries. The company wanted to increase the mobility of their global talent pool to support growth and succession planning. While there were pockets of training excellence, development was inconsistent and workforce competencies were uneven. Their goal was to up-skill the middle manager talent pool and develop global consistency based on their U.S. competency standards.

Participants: Middle managers

Distribution: The Americas, Asia and Europe

Description: The company had completed competency assessments in the U.S. and had developed a training framework for the required competencies of a middle manager. LDR’s first step was to review the company’s existing training content and cross-walk existing training assets to the training framework. Existing training content was integrated into the final program content for the U.S. LDR developed a multi-year middle manager training program consisting of eight two-day modules incorporating classroom instruction, distance learning, coaching and action learning. The content was piloted in the U.S. and is now running in the U.S.

The company prioritized China as the first market for global training support. LDR first completed competency assessments for the middle-managers in China. With local competency assessment results in hand, LDR then met with the China H.R. leader to review the competency nuances and expectations in China versus the U.S. For instance, risk taking and taking initiative differed significantly in the U.S. and China. And, in China the middle manager’s view of their role was more parochial, more tactical and less strategic than the U.S. middle manager who viewed their role in terms of enterprise contributions.

While the global training framework remained consistent, local competency was considered as the content was tailored for China based on the gap between U.S. competency expectation and local competency. LDR contextualized the eight training modules with input from local leaders. In preparation for delivery, LDR then selected in-country facilitators, oriented the facilitators to the company and completed content specific TTT. Local guest speakers were selected, oriented to the program and supported such that their presentations were integrated into the fabric of the training. Guest speakers include the CFO, head of Supply Chain and head of HR. The program will be implemented in Europe next.

Influence and Communication Skills for Global Mid and Senior Relationship Managers in IT Shared Services

Need: One of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of quality skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products needed to improve the business relationship skills of IT managers providing shared services support. The goal was for the managers to have greater business acumen, to enhance their advisory capability and to enhance their ability to influence.

Participants: Mid and senior IT shared services managers

Distribution: The Americas, Asia, and Europe

Description: LDR started with interviews of senior management of each business group serviced by the Shared Services IT managers to understand their perceptions of the service received from their IT relationship manager.

Next, competency assessments were completed around influencing others and critical skills and gaps were identified based on the information gathered in the interviews and the competency results.

The leaders of the IT relationship managers were then asked to determine the relevance of the feedback and competencies based on their expectations of the relationship manager’s role.

LDR developed a three-day program that included pre-work, action learning, and group and individual coaching follow-up. The client wanted all global training to be delivered in English. However coaching was delivered in the native language of the participant. While the instructor led training was conducted in Hong Kong and London, the participants were resident in multiple locations within the two regions. LDR sourced all facilitators and multiple coaches representing the language requirements within the regions.

Hiring, Onboarding, Training, Entry Level Skills Development, Language Training, Lean Six Sigma Programs, and Supervisor Skills Development

Need: This company, in the consumer goods and food and beverage industry, needed organizational development and training support to integrate multiple acquisitions as well as constant organic growth. With locations across North America and a small internal staff, the organization needed assistance in program and content development, hiring and onboarding, and training. The company wanted to both train for required core skills and competencies and to also infuse the training to transmit the company’s core values and culture to new employees and recently acquired organizations.

Participants: New hires, frontline employees, supervisors, managers

Distribution: North America

Description: LDR was engaged to support rapid staffing growth with career readiness training for the applicant pool in difficult hiring markets; to assist in the recruitment, onboarding and training of production workers; to provide English language training; to provide Microsoft Office training for new employees; to lead Autonomous Care programs in manufacturing(Lean/Six Sigma for the Food Manufacturing Industry); and to provide training for Supervisory Skills for manufacturing supervisors.

LDR provided rapid content development, content, facilitation and program management for these multiple programs.

Outcomes: Multiple measurable results

– Decreased hiring time for new hires by 48 days

– Decreased time to 100% manufacturing employee productivity by 60 days

– Addressed critical productivity and quality issues measured in eight figure savings

Business and Financial Acumen Training for Professional Staff of Newly Acquired Pharmaceutical Research Company

Need: This global pharmaceutical company had a directive from the CFO to educate the employees in this newly acquired company regarding the parent company’s criteria for financial decision making and the employee’s role in the profitability of the company.

Participants: Managers and supervisors with both financial and non-financial backgrounds i.e. engineers, scientists, marketing managers, etc.

Distribution: IL, OH, CA, FL, MA, Belgium, Ireland, Malaysia, India, Japan, Australia, and England

Description: Working with the company’s subject matter experts, LDR rapidly designed and developed a highly customized program that incorporated the company metrics; internal and external reporting; success measures; the participant’s impact on the metrics; and the financial criteria used to evaluate investments such as R&D, etc. The program was delivered in-country, in-language in the U.S. and seven locations outside the U.S.

Acting as a single point of contact to the company, LDR managed trainer selection with trainers having financial and business acumen experience; provided the TTT for trainers; and coordinated training logistics and delivery. The company exceeded expectations, was well received by the participants and was delivered on time and on budget.

Individual Contributor Program throughout North America

Need: This multinational automobile manufacturer is committed to staff development at all levels in the organization. Instructor-led courses are offered to Individual Contributors, with modules designed to develop key competencies and build engagement. Prior to partnering with LDR, the client contracted with multiple content and delivery vendors to provide this training in locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The client wanted greater efficiency in the program delivery; the ability to provide consistent, contextualized content, contextualized to the company and current company objectives; and greater feedback on the performance of the offerings.

Participants: Individual Contributors in manufacturing, design, customer service, finance center and headquarters.

Distribution: U.S., Mexico and Canada

Description: LDR serves as the single point of contact for the administration and delivery of the client’s Individual Contributor training program across North America. During a transition phase the program continued with the third-party curriculum and training partners that had served the client to date, but with consistent delivery outcomes, reporting and consolidated invoicing. Over time, LDR was asked to provide all curriculum, and now provides both contextualized training from existing training assets and new content as business need required.

The dedicated LDR Project Manager works with the client POCs to:

– provide the contextualized training content (with translation as required)

– select and orient trainers to the client company and curriculum

– publish training calendars and monitor enrollments

– manage facility, trainer and materials logistics

– gather and report on participant feedback

– provide consolidated reporting and invoicing

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