From building full onboarding programs to customized learning and development courses, our Solutions team is highly experienced in instructional design, curriculum development, online learning and integrating best practices in adult learning.

We partner with you on a project basis, supplementing the talents of internal staff and subject matter experts until goals are achieved, ensuring project success. Our experience spans over 17 industries and allows for solutions tailored and applied to your world.

Competency and Skill Based Building Blocks
LDR Worldwide built our curriculum differently than the rest of the marketplace, because it’s COMPENCY based and SKILL based.  Think of it like a set of blocks where we can stack them together to give you exactly what you need to meet your business objectives. No more of the off-the-shelf generic products where you can put in a case study and your logo. This model allows you to put in your value proposition, as well as real practical action learning that you want as a part of the class to make sure you get impact.

The LDR Worldwide model for Supervision and Management is built on the idea that learning is not a single experience, but is a set of experiences that wrap around the learner and help the learner apply lessons to their job every single day.

LDR Worldwide Approach to Competency Modeling
Working effectively with others.

The emphasis is on immediate application, helping the learner to break through the barriers that might impede their success back in the workplace.

Instructional Design Model
LDR Worldwide approaches each customized course through a systematic instructional design model, as summarized below: