For ten years, LDR Americas has been supporting large, multi-national companies in fulfilling their strategic business goals and needs through people. Working with a variety of organizations and individuals to support diverse development projects In each of the organizations, LDR Americas was brought in to support the organization through periods of significant change. Each of the projects required LDR to partner with the organization to support executive and senior level leaders in developing and utilizing change management skills. Additionally, each project focused on helping the organization provide intentional employee development at the basic skills level where the rubber meets the road in implementation.

Organizational Development


LDR Worldwide starts by helping the organization identify what internal training and development resources currently exist and how those resources could be applied to close a competency gap.



Effective coaching, which sometimes includes on-the-job-training, can also be an effective part of building employee competencies. Supervisors and managers generally need to be trained in how to be effective in the coaching process.

Comprehensive Cultural Change/Values

LDR leads a workplace culture assessment to solve issues regarding alignment between the business strategy and the people through whom it will be delivered. LDR can help you better understand your culture, define factors for success and create a guided process to support your business strategy.